Class of 2015


Plum is a turn-key Cloud software solution using modern behavioral science + predictive analytics to instantly identify high potential applicants for success & fit. The results are scientifically matched up to the employers’ needs, for each role, creating an invaluable shortlist. You know your company. Plum reveals the greatness in candidates.



Caitlin MacGregor
Co-Founder & CEO
Neil MacGregor
Christine Bird
Co-Founder & CSO
Angela Leffler
Marketing Director


What do you foresee your new life in Buffalo doing for you professionally and personally? What are you most looking forward to?

Plum: Buffalo brings a welcome professional opportunity to launch in a defined US location. Buffalo’s expanding economy caters to the financial, healthcare, technology and education sectors - all targeted areas for Plum’s solution. Being backed by the Buffalo government provides an efficient baseline for us to reach out and make a quick and addressable impact. We are all very excited to be able to make an impact very quickly to measure and monitor the changes in hiring time, turnover and potentially the change to unemployment rates in Buffalo. On a personal side, we love exploring new areas, new museums and new adventures. The Plum team are also all foodies and we’ve heard great things from the food trucks to fine dining. Being near Five Points Bakery and Paula’s Donuts (red velvet for us!) is a great side perk. And don’t forget the famous Buffalo Wings :)

What about your service makes it better than the rest in the industry and what is your greatest strength?

Plum: We’re different than what’s out there through our algorithms, testing for behavior and two types of intelligence (which are the proven predictors of workplace performance) as well as our questions cannot be gamed. Plum gets to the heart of who someone really is. Our company’s greatest strength is its employees. They were all hired using Plum and are well matched to their positions.

If a TV show was made about your company, what would your theme song be?

Plum: Float On, by Modest Mouse. Plum has been in business for over four years and in that time we have experienced highs and lows that we couldn’t have foreseen. What we learned is that you can choose to hold on to the positives and work through the lows and in the end, time passes and it all works out in the best way; so give it your all and let it all float on?