Each February, Black History Month is celebrated to honor the culture and tell the stories of the Black community. But we’re not just talking about things that happened in the past. There is still a lot of work that we all have to do to become authentically inclusive, empathetic, and diverse in the workplace. Black history isn’t a thing of the past; Black history is being made today. As a founder, office manager, or colleague, here are a few small ways you can help celebrate Black History Month at your startup. Spoiler alert, it’s more than just a social media post on February 1st. 

Stock the kitchen with snacks from Black founders

From coffee to cookies, to wine, and more, there’s a variety of Black-owned food brands that you can use to stock the kitchen or breakroom. If your team is remote, send your employees a little care package filled with snacks and goodies to lift their spirits and support a small business.

Spread awareness about Black history and Black history events in your city

Each city has its own history, stories, and culture within Black communities. Send out a newsletter to share events or plan a team outing to support those communities.

→  Click here to view Black History Month events happening in Buffalo, NY.

Demonstrate a commitment to diversity

Demonstrating a commitment to inclusion and diversity as a business owner is vital to company culture. Remain aware of unconscious bias, acknowledge cultural holidays, encourage employee feedback, and hold your team accountable to do the same. 

Invest in a Black-owned business

Anyone can be an investor, but if investment capital isn’t something you’re interested in, invest your time. Become a mentor to another founder, offer your services at a discount, or simply send them referrals. 

Engage organizations that amplify Black voices

Organizations such as our partners Black Women Talk Tech and Black & Brown Founders provide education and recourses for Black founders.

Support Black artists

Fill your office space with art created by Black artists, or hire a band or DJ for your next event. 

Donate and engage with local nonprofits or charities

Give back by donating to a  non-profit or charitable organization in your company’s name. 

At 43North, diversity is at the core of our mission. If there’s a way that we can partner up to support the Black community in WNY, please reach out to us, and we’d love to have that conversation.