Continuing our focus on supporting our portfolio companies and the larger Buffalo entrepreneurial community, we’re excited to host the second installment of our ‘How to Start a Startup’ series!

If today’s challenges have you questioning if it’s the right time to start a company, you’re going to want to join our free virtual discussion on Wednesday, September 16, at 4pm ET to learn how you can start and grow a company during the most unlikely times.

How to Start a Startup was originally a lecture given by Sam Altman (founder of YCombinator) to a Stanford entrepreneurship class. We’re bringing this framework to aspiring founders so you can build a scalable, high-growth business from the ground up.

The second discussion, How to Start a Startup: During a Pandemic, will feature Dave Horesh, the Co-founder of Oxford Pennant, and Dave Jakubowski, a native Buffalonian, the founder of Ignite Buffalo, and a Silicon Valley expert with stints at Facebook, Microsoft, and 3 of his own companies. Both Jakubowski and Horesh will share vital insights on starting a startup at a time when it seems impossible.

Reserve your spot for this free virtual discussion here! And stay tuned for details about future How to Start a Startup events.