Year 4 Winner Update: New Jobs & New Investments in Q1

Our fourth class of winners just wrapped up their first quarter in Buffalo, creating new jobs, raising capital, and acquiring customers from our local business community. Burner Fitness, Kangarootime, SomaDetect, and Squire have made hires in Buffalo, and Suncayr will soon be adding an employee from the area to their team.

They have also received additional investment since becoming 43North winners. Squire closed $575,000 and raised $2 million in Q1, with several other companies actively seeking funding from investors to continue growing their teams and technologies.

Learn more about what our Year 4 Winners have been up to since moving to Buffalo in January!

Burner Fitness

Burner Fitness is expanding their platform into a comprehensive health and wellness product, which will be a one-stop shop for fitness, nutrition, weight management, and management of other health-related issues like diabetes. They also added several developers to their Buffalo-based team to help build out Burner beyond just the fitness realm. Their focus is on building relationships with insurance brokers and large employers in WNY to provide a complete corporate wellness program for local employee bases.

Currently Hiring: Business Development Manager

Femi Secrets

The subscription model is one that has become increasingly popular with consumers, so Femi Secrets is looking to take advantage of all the buzz. They’ll be launching a monthly subscription box for Pretty Panty this summer, selling directly through their website and on Amazon.


Kangarootime has been rapidly on-boarding new daycare centers to their platform locally and nationally – both single location and multi-location centers. They have brought on 27 new centers this quarter, many of which are based in the WNY area. Kangarootime is actively seeking investment so they can continue to grow their team and keep up with their fast-growing customer base, with plans to hire an additional 6 full-time employees in Buffalo soon.

Currently Hiring: Sales Development Representative

Qidni Labs

Qidni Labs recently performed the first set of experiments for removing toxins from the blood that are not currently removed by dialysis, and next steps are to launch a large animal study to more closely mimic human reaction to their artificial kidney. They are actively seeking investment to support the continuation of trials, as well as regularly meeting with local nephrologists, surgeons, dialysis centers, and dialysis patients to continue technological developments.


In the first quarter of 2018, SomaDetect hired 3 Buffalo-based employees – a COO, Head of Engineering, and Office Manager/Executive Assistant.

The $1 million winner also established a partnership with Cornell University as part of their project with the NY Farm Viability Institute, and installed 11 sensors at their facility for further data collection. SomaDetect is piloting their sensor at dairy farms across New York State and continuing to refine their product before full-scale production begins.

Currently Hiring: Senior Embedded Systems Engineer


Squire has been on-boarding new barbershops across the country, and is now processing over $1 million in payments per month through their mobile app. They hired a local, full-time customer service professional, and will be looking for local talent to fill a number of customer success and sales positions. They also secured $575,000 in additional investment since becoming a 43North winner.


Suncayr is working closely with a Buffalo-based manufacturer on product and cost improvements for their UV sticker. They were recently invited to participate in Johnson & Johnson’s exclusive “Talent Acceleration Process” Program, a 3-month professional development program. Suncayr hired a Buffalo-based employee to help with content marketing efforts, promoting their product SPOT and improving packaging and branding materials.


Enterprise-level customers have been the big focus for in the last few months, and they are close to a pilot deal with a Fortune 1000 company. They’re also generating interest among large companies in the tech and apparel industries, and are actively seeking customers in the WNY region to both scope and complete development projects such as software, apps, and websites. TARA hired a Buffalo-based front-end engineer, and they are looking to fill sales and UI/UX positions in Buffalo. TARA also closed a $2 million seed round since becoming a 43North winner.

Currently Hiring: Account Executive, Graphic Designer, Full Stack Marketer, UI/UX Designer