Class of 2016


WeDidIt helps nonprofits raise more money and reach new donors online. Our software platform takes the hassle out of online fundraising and makes donor research simple.

WeDidIt’s mission is to help nonprofits scale their impact by giving them powerful tools for raising money in today’s digital world. Nonprofits using WeDidIt have high-converting donation pages, crowdfunding & peer-to-peer campaigns, on-the-spot mobile donations, and cutting edge donor research. WeDidIt’s donor research platform helps major gift officers identify hidden donors and social influencers for highly targeted fundraising campaigns.

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Su Sanni
Ben Lamson
VP of Sales
Bryan LIff


What's your why? (Why did you create this company?)

Su Sanni: We created WeDidIt because we wanted to wake up every morning doing something that was tied to making other people's lives better.

If a movie was made about your company, who would play the founders?

SS: Bryan Liff would be played by either Chevy Chase or Bill Murray, Ben Lamson would be played by Matt Damon, and I'd be played by a young Wesley Snipes. It'd somehow be a comedy/action movie....and probably terrible.

What is the most exciting thing about being an entrepreneur?

SS: Facing adversity and uncertainty every day, but being motivated enough to deliberately overcome those challenges. "Jumping out of a plane and building a parachute on the way down" is great analogy for this experience.

What sacrifices have you made for your company?

SS: For the first 18 months of our business, Ben and I moved in together, renting an apartment deep into Brooklyn. We literally ate rice & beans every day until we were making enough money to pay ourselves a decent wage. Although we loved the journey we were on, we certainly sacrificed the six-figure jobs we left, cushy apartments in Manhattan, and tons of time with friends and family to launch WeDidIt.