Class of 2015


Our product, Talkitt, aims to revolutionize the way people who have speech disabilities due to various motor, speech and language disabilities communicate, enabling them to use the most natural means there is: their own voice. Millions of lives will be dramatically improved using Talkitt.



Danny Weissberg
Co-Founder & CEO
Devora Mason
Business Development Manager & Operations
Stas Tiomkin
Co-Founder & CTO


What was the inspiration for your company?

Voiceitt: Danny Weissberg (CEO) met Stas Tiomkin (CTO) 5 years ago when Danny's grandmother had a stroke and her means of communication was taken away from her. Danny felt that something was missing in the solutions that are being offered today. Products only deal with what people say not how they say it; words vs. intonation. He consulted with voice recognition experts. Stas believed that the idea was interesting and innovative and wanted to be a part of it. From that point on, they began to prune a strong partnership.

What would have to happen with your company for you to know you've officially succeeded?

Voiceitt: One day, we dream of receiving an email, a letter or a video of a young child who the world had given up on and thought would never speak. And we will (witness) watch the video or read the email showing us how all of our hard work and commitment has finally changed the lives of those who struggle to communicate using their own voice. And as we read or watch in amazement, hearing the gratitude and witnessing the testimony of their family and friends, blessing us and thanking us for helping their loved one speak again and be understood, then and only then, we will know that we have finally made it.

If you had to rewrite your best piece of advice for new entrepreneurs as a slogan, what would it be?

Voiceitt: Use your mistakes as learning tools so as not to repeat them but don’t let your failures guide your future goals and aspirations.

The startup life can be a real grind. What do you and your team members do to blow off some steam or during downtime?

Voiceitt: Some of us run, some listen to music or go camping but as a group we often times take lunch breaks together where we can just sit and talk and get to know each other better. We always make sure to celebrate happy times as well: birthdays and company anniversaries.