Class of 2014


triMirror’s vision is to revolutionize the global apparel industry from design to shopping to entertainment. We’ve developed a virtual fitting room with 3D clothing simulation and fitting technology that shows how the clothing would really look on and fit the user via a web-browser, smartphone, in-store installation, or virtual mirror with motion tracking (beyond AR, it allows fit judgement and animated cloth behaviour). It’s the first real-time solution in the world that allows the try-on of real clothes on real-dimensioned and highly customizable avatar bodies, and which allows the user to see where the garment is tight or loose, where it juts out or sags down, and how it behaves when they move around in various ways.



Jenny Tcharnaia
Co-Founder and CFO
Lenny Charny
Co-Founder and CEO


What was the inspiration for your company?

Jenny Tcharnaia: There was no extraordinary circumstance for the inspiration for triMirror – everyone who’s ever gone shopping for clothes has had this idea. We simply got frustrated with driving to the mall, parking, sorting through racks of clothes, wasting time in the fitting room, finding nothing that fits and only feeling disappointment and self-consciousness. We’ve tried to avoid this experience by shopping for clothes online, but very few people feel comfortable enough to actually buy anything. That’s because, even for our favorite brand, size charts are not consistent – a brand’s every product line, every style of garment, and every fabric type has its own sizing that’s unpredictable. And when people actually do buy clothes online, they often buy more than one size and return the rest – on average, 35% of clothes bought online are returned. Actually, even if a garment is our right size, it may not be flattering on us – perhaps it gaps out, sags down, or is generally not our style. So it’s no surprise that many companies have tried to solve this problem, but unfortunately they all like to take shortcuts and none have been accurate nor fun enough to work. Taking a completely different approach (and sacrificing 4.5 years and five rocket scientists’ mental health), we built triMirror, the world’s first “for real” virtual try-on solution.

What is your company's greatest strength?

JT: triMirror’s greatest strength is its 3D real-time cloth simulation technology, the only one in the world. triMirror’s is the only system with dynamic real-time clothing that is thin yet sufficiently rigid, and never artificially pinned. It’s the only system that streams a live video of animated fitting live via HTML5. It’s 100% accurate as it uses CAD patterns (which can be cheaply taken from a physical sample,) including measurements, grading/sizing rules, the fabric’s physical properties, and how it interacts and drapes around the body. It’s the only system that can be moved with a finger to roll up sleeves, adjust the fit, etc., making it even more interactive, realistic, and fun.