Class of 2017


TARA is an intelligent product builder, using AI to speed up the software development of products through automated project scoping, assignment of vetted contractors and performance management.



Iba Masood
Co-Founder & CEO
Syed Ahmed
Co-Founder & CTO
Ivan Chen
Machine Learning Engineer
Adam Bechtold
Sr. Back-end Engineer
Evon Onusic
Head of Partnerships
Ralph Cacho
Full-stack Developer
Pablo Pinto
Product Specialist
Angelito Bernabe
Project Manager (Client Success)
Kier Borromeo
Front-end Engineer


Describe your team in three words.

Intelligent Product Builders

Have you been recognized for your achievements/won any awards?

Yes; I was the youngest winner of the Cartier Women's Initiative Award. I was also part of the YCombinator Winter 2015 class, a past winner of the MIT Global Business Plan competition, and a recipient of the Arabian Business Young Achiever of the Year award. I have been featured in BBC, TechCrunch, Wired, Forbes and Huffington Post for my work in building algorithmic pre-screening mechanisms for recruiting, and for my passion for machine learning in the world of work.

How did you team up and decide this idea was worth pursuing as a business?

Iba Masood and Syed Ahmed Iba Masood and Syed Ahmed co-founded TARA after realizing that enterprise software projects have massive inefficiencies with time, scope and resource management. According to McKinsey, over 45% of software projects run over time and over budget. Iba, as one of the youngest trainees at McKinsey (at the age of 19) started to realize these inefficiencies around large-scale project management. In 2015, they were accepted into YCombinator, and with Syed’s background in robotics and machine learning, they set out to build an automated system that is now used by Fortune 500 customers.

Syed: I saw firsthand during my tenure with government projects in Brisbane, Australia, how prediction systems could play a major role in improving time and productivity outcomes for software projects.

Iba: I’ve been fascinated by the world of work, and how autonomous systems can vastly improve efficiencies in operations.

What has been the company’s biggest challenge? How did you overcome it?

Our biggest challenge has been maintaining a level of focus on growth and product goals. As founders, there are 100 things that you need to be doing everyday. Maintaining a focus on weekly growth numbers and continuing to talk to our users and customers has enabled us to build for our user base, and focus on the things that matter.

Describe your proudest moment with the company and what it meant to you.

Iba Masood Iba: Moving to the US two years ago, was also one of our biggest challenges. I moved with less than $500 to Boston in 2014, however I managed to stay vigilant and focus on our goals. In 2015 we were accepted into YCombinator, which cemented our decision to officially establish the business in the U.S.

Our proudest moment to date has been achieving permanent residence (as of this week!) and getting our green card confirmations. We submitted applications that were over 400 pages to get our extraordinary ability EB-1 approvals.

Where do you envision TARA 5 years from now?

With Version 3 releasing in September, we’re excited to enable teams to build their software products faster and more efficiently, and automate hundreds of manual processes in software development. We are pushing to become an API-based builder, where non-technical users can drag and drop features to program their product builds. With TARA’s learning abilities, we envision her being powered by millions of open-source projects on the web, and recommending methods of software development that are faster and more efficient to our users.