Class of 2018


SparkCharge offers a portable charging unit that is small, ultra fast, and modular. Since the chargers are compact, they can be delivered to an electric vehicle (EV) owner on demand via Uber, Lyft, or AAA. This creates a mobile, on-demand charging infrastructure, allowing EV owners to have their cars charged ultra fast anywhere.


Joshua Aviv
Christopher Ellis
Richard Whitney
Lead Systems Engineer


Describe your team in three words.

JA Dedicated. Hardworking. Inquisitive.

What's the biggest reward from running your startup?

JA Seeing the positive impact a startup can have on its community, people, and employees. Hiring someone and having them tell you about how the opportunity enables them to provide for their family is one of the biggest rewards and greatest joys you can have. It motivates you to want to work harder for them.

What's your why? (Why did you create this company?)

JA As an electric vehicle owner myself, I saw that range anxiety and the lack of charging infrastructure was going to be a big problem. I knew that if I could solve this problem, I would change the world for the better. Solving this problem makes electric vehicle adoption easier, thus putting more electric vehicles on the road. With more electric vehicles on the road, we create a more environmentally friendly planet.