Class of 2016


PathoVax is a biotech start-up from Johns Hopkins commercializing RGVax, the world’s first low-cost Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine targeting all clinically relevant types. Current vaccines target some cancer-causing HPVs and only focus on sexual transmitted types, resulting in low uptake due to the incomplete coverage and social stigma. Established animal studies have confirmed RGVax’s protection against all 15 oncogenic types and the added coverage against skin HPVs positions RGVax as a childhood vaccine, allowing unrivalled early market entry in a segment with superior uptake.



Weijie Poh
Co-Founder and CEO
Josh Wang


In three words describe your team

Weijie Poh: We love challenges.

Finish this sentence: "I'll know my company has succeeded when..."

WP: No one ever again receives an HPV-related cancer diagnosis

The startup life can be a real grind. What do you and your team members do to blow off some steam or during downtime?

WP: We eat! We love good food.

What is the most exciting thing about being an entrepreneur?

WP: Constantly meeting people who are smarter and more experienced, and then getting them excited in PathoVax.