Medical Conservation Devices

Class of 2014


Based on an exclusively licensed patent portfolio from the University of Buffalo, Medical Conservation Devices has developed a low-cost anesthesia machine to expand the use of anesthesia globally, including in later approvals to sedate critically ill patients and provide anesthesia to up to 8 patients at one time.



Brian Bell
CEO and Director
Doug DuFaux
Technical Director
Bradley Fuhrman, MD
Founder & Chief Scientific Officer
Kathy Selover
Diane McMahon
Vice President and Legal Counsel


What was the inspiration for your company?

Medical Conservation Devices: The clinical insight regarding sedation issues in the ICU of Dr Fuhrman, the technology inventor and former Director of ICU at Women and Children’s Hospital in Buffalo.

What is the most exciting thing about being an entrepreneur?

MCD: As a startup, the world is against you. Convincing the world one person at a time that your vision of the future is compelling, is the most exciting and satisfactory nature of being an entrepreneur.