Class of 2018


Magnusmode leverages mobile technology to help people with autism and cognitive special needs live with greater inclusion and independence. The company’s flagship product, MagnusCards, helps people worldwide to learn life skills (e.g. cooking, traveling, personal care) through partnership with content producing customers including Colgate, CIBC, A&W, and Toronto Pearson Airport.


Nadia Hamilton
Founder & President
Vivien Dadds
Project Manager
Angelica Siegel
Marketing Manager


The startup life can be a real grind. What do you and your team members do to blow off some steam or during downtime?

NH Our team wholeheartedly believes that nothing good comes of an empty stomach, and we take advantage of every opportunity to feed our creativity and ambition through our stomachs and have a special love for afternoon tea. We also enjoy sharing music playlists on a Friday afternoon (pop, country, rock, classics, holds barred), sharing cooking recipes (our Treasurer doubles as a Jamaican chef), and going for power nature walks.

Finish this sentence: "I'll know my company has succeeded when..."

NH ...millions of people worldwide are empowered to participate in their communities in ways that are engaging, fulfilling, and meaningful to them!

What's your why? (Why did you create this company?)

NH I created this company because I love my autistic brother, and I want him and everyone like him to have access to the world. To me, it's a human right to be able to navigate the community with comfort, ease, and a feeling of belonging. It's personal to me! I know our team, board, and investors share my passion.