Class of 2016


Formarum’s unique turbine technology allows for creation of self-powered and self-contained devices. Our first product, Dive Smart Sanitizer, is a self-powered swimming pool product than can be easily integrated into existing pool recirculation systems. Dive will use the movement of water within the pool line to generate electricity and use that electrical power to produce chlorine and mineral sanitizers to effectively disinfect water, eliminating the need for addition of disinfecting chemicals. This break-through technology simplifies the purchasing decision, allows for effortless installation by the pool owner, reduces costs, enhances water quality, and streamlines pool operations, using a built-in connected platform.



Seyed Nourbakhsh
Founder and CEO
Moe Dini
Product Manager
Jianling Weng, PhD
Senior Embedded Engineer


What is the most exciting thing about being an entrepreneur?

Seyed: The extreme challenges we face, the intellectually demanding nature of the work, and the ups and downs.

What's your why? (Why did you create this company?)

Seyed: To make swimming pool ownership simpler and to potentially accelerate the onset of micropower generation and its commercial adaptation.

What about your product/service makes it better than what your competitors offer?

Seyed: Our product is by far the simplest swimming pool automation device available.