Femi Secrets

Class of 2017


Femi Secrets provides the ultimate protection to women of all ages during their monthly menstrual cycle. Their premiere product, Pretty Panty, guarantees no leaks! Femi Secrets specializes in eco friendly, healthy and savvy options for women. Keeping women beautiful, comfortable and confident.  



Davielle M. Jackson
Founder & President


How can working in the Buffalo startup ecosystem help your startup thrive?

Buffalo, as well as New York is perfect for our company. One issue we have is that we can't keep product in stock! We sell out all the time and our current manufacturers can't get product to us quick enough from overseas. Buffalo, via 43North, offers us the opportunity to open our first manufacturing facility (made in America). New York is a main hub for fabric and all deliverables needed for our production, and Femi Secrets could open the opportunity for many new jobs.

If you could perform live on stage with one singer or band, who would it be? Why?

Beyonce! She is so dedicated to her craft and will go to any limit to perfect it. She gives her all no matter how famous or wealthy she is. Her dedication is remarkable.