Disease Diagnostic Group

Class of 2015


DDG is focused on screening, tracking, and diagnosing highly infectious diseases in the developing world that benefit from ultra-low cost and rapid detection for the purpose of early-stage treatment. DDG’s platform magneto-optical technology has yielded portable and reusable devices that can quantitatively diagnose malaria 10x faster & 100x more accurately than current solutions for 1/4th the cost.



John Lewandowski
Founder & CEO
Alphonse Harris
Mark Lewandowski


What sacrifices have you made for your company?

Disease Diagnostic Group: We bought and sold TVs on Craigslist to fund the first year of development, slept on the ground in airports and our apartment to save money, ate only Dominos leftovers at competitions while other teams went out for steaks, and abandoned all hope of finding girlfriends.

What would have to happen with your company for you to know you've officially succeeded?

DDG: When every village, city, and clinic in endemic regions have RAM devices.

What was the inspiration for your company?

DDG: A childhood friend who contracted malaria.

What is the most exciting thing about being an entrepreneur?

DDG: Having a platform to get people excited about what you’re passionate about and having so many people willing to help you make your idea reality.