Class of 2015


Cytocybernetics has developed novel technology to improve drug safety screening. It will ensure that new drugs brought to market do not cause cardiac arrhythmias as a side effect. This technology will increase the speed and reliability with which Pharmaceutical companies can navigate the FDA approval process for all new drugs.



Glenna Bett
Randall L. Rasmusson


hat was the moment when you though to yourself, "This could actually work?"

Cytocybernetics: We realized this could actually work when we had customers requesting the device before we even had any devices for sale. We realized this could be really big when two different independent analysts reviewed our business plan and came up with much larger market and revenue estimates than we had considered.

What sacrifices have you made for your company?

CC: Time. We are a true garage startup. We program all our own software and construct all our own hardware. We are the design team, the web team, the management, and cleaning crew. We have sacrificed evenings, weekends, and vacations to make this work, but it doesn’t really seem like a sacrifice, because it has been a really interesting journey.

If a TV show was made about your company, who would play your team members?

CC: We love the incredible recent technological advances in animation, so we would like to be an animated show. The ability to simulate complex phenomena, such as the motion of hair and clothing, using mathematical models parallels our use of mathematical models to simulate of real life phenomena on the cellular scale.