Class of 2014


ASi’s proprietary rapid metal forming system will transform manufacturing practices that are centuries old by providing superior performing components that cost less.  Our process forms finished or near finished metal parts at extremely fast rates while strengthening the metal and providing excellent part dimensional accuracy and precision.  The gains in component performance will in turn improve the performance of a wide variety of products, from engines to implantable medical devices and more.  Lighter engine components will improve fuel economy and reduce pollution; stronger medical implantable components will increase device life and reduce the risk of implant failures.   ASi will provide better product value to every customer and in many cases reduce the cost of components, even beating offshore pricing.  ASi’s technology advantages will result in the return of manufacturing jobs to Western New York and the USA that have been lost to foreign competition.



Glenn Thomas
Mike Saraf
Director of Sales & Marketing
Paul Krieger
Manufacturing Engineer
John Hogenmiller
Process Engineer
Kelly Hathaway
Office Manager


What 3 personality traits do you think a successful entrepreneur should have?

ASI: Integrity, energy and drive, intelligence.

What is your company's greatest strength?

ASI: First, our people. Then our technology.

Who are your professional role models? Why?

ASI: One is the late Mr. Wilson Greatbatch, inventor of the implantable pacemaker right here in Buffalo. Mr. Greatbatch was a visionary with the courage to try something radically new and different – and better!