Class of 2016


Asarasi has pioneered a completely new source of water to help replace the consumption of traditional bottled waters. Asarasi water is harvested from trees and does not affect ground water resources. It is a one of the world’s purest forms of water that is also sustainable and renewable.

The world is running out of fresh water. Less than 1% of all fresh water on earth is drinkable and this continues to decrease at an alarming rate! Consumers are searching for healthy sustainable bottled beverages that they can trust and don’t harm the environment. Asarasi is providing an eco-friendly bottled water replacement at price parity with bottled water in the market today.



Adam Lazar
Brian Pare


What's your why? (Why did you create this company?)

Adam Lazar: The idea for Asarasi was born after a day visiting maple farms across Vermont State in the springtime of 2008. There I witnessed maple producers throw away thousands of gallons of sap water that had the maple sugar molecules removed. After realizing this was a pure biological water, and knowing that our drinkable water supply was dwindling, I decided that I need to find a way to bring this new water resource to consumers. Asarasi has the potential to replace the entire bottled water industry as we know it at the same price consumers pay today for bottled water.

What sacrifices have you made for your company?

AL: I moved my family from Los Angeles to Connecticut to launch the production phase of the business in May of 2015. I have staked my family's future on the company's success and as they say, we are all in. As California is running out of fresh water, I have personally seen the impacts on severe water consumption in major metropolitan markets that are running out. The question truly is, not what's at stake for me personally but rather what's at stake if we don't redefine our sources of pure, fresh, drinkable water in the world?

If a movie was made about your company, who would play the founders?

AL: Tim Robbins would play the founder. In fact, Asarasi was started around the discussion of the movie Hudsucker Proxy. The film stars Robbins as a naïve business‐school graduate who is installed as president of a manufacturing company who walks around with a drawing of a simple circle in his pocket and shows it to everyone he meets with an elevator pitch “you know, for kids!” No one understands him or his product idea…however Tim’s character grows to invent and bring to market the modern day hula‐hoop bringing wild success to the company. For Asarasi’s founder and CEO Adam Lazar, it was difficult to understand why so many producers would discard 97% of what they had spent millions of man-hours on collecting in the woods. It then dawned on him, that just like the Robbin's character, maple producers did not know why anyone would want this byproduct and therefore they never could realize it's potential.