Where are We? Roswell Park Cancer Institute

We asked you where we were. For those of you who aren’t Kathleen Ponterio (last week’s ‘Where Are We?’ winner), we went to Roswell Park Cancer Institute (RPCI).


Roswell Park was established in 1898 as the country’s premier cancer center. Under the guidance and foresight of Dr. Roswell Park, RPCI was realized. Prior to Roswell Park Cancer Institute, no organization had concentrated solely on cancer research and treatment.


Following its founding, countless cancer research institutions have emerged across the globe, looking to Roswell Park for aspirational standards and practices. As Dr. Park’s prophecy of cancer’s prevalence became reality, RPCI consistently lead the way in treating and curing those affected. Roswell Park has been an inspiration from its establishment in 1898. We are proud to say it is located in the heart of Buffalo, New York’s ever-growing medical campus, and still leading the way in medicinal breakthroughs today.

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