Where are we? Anchor Bar

Congrats to Eric, this week’s #WhereAreWe winner! He knew, just from some Bills graffiti, that we were at Anchor Bar, home of the original Buffalo Wing!

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In 1964 Teressa Bellissimo, owner of the Anchor Bar, whipped up a secret sauce in the back of her restaurant and tossed it on some deep fried wings as a quick snack for her son and his friends. As the story goes, the creation was an instant hit, and the Buffalo Wing was born. The dish quickly made its way onto the Anchor Bar menu, and into the hearts of Buffalonians.

What started as a family bar on Main St. has now expanded into seven locations, including two in California. Although many across the world have tried to duplicate the famous sauce, the recipe is still kept under wraps, and is what makes the wings at Anchor Bar the “Best Wings in the World.”