Starting a company is filled with ups and downs. Products and features don’t always work, customers may have no interest in something you thought was extremely valuable or a global pandemic might completely change the way the world does business. Part of being a strong founder is knowing when something isn’t going to work and cutting your losses.

Continuing our focus on supporting our portfolio companies and the larger Buffalo entrepreneurial community, the next installment of our “How to Start a Startup” discussion series covers what to do in the face of challenges like these.

How to Start a Startup was originally a lecture given by Sam Altman (founder of YCombinator) to a Stanford entrepreneurship class. We’re bringing this framework to aspiring founders so you can build a scalable, high-growth business from the ground up.

Join us on October 21, at 4 pm ET for a free virtual fireside chat as the Founder & CEO of RentPrep, Steve White,  and the Founder & CEO of 43North portfolio company Whose Your Landlord (,  Ofo Ezeugwu, share how they successfully pivoted in the face of challenges. 

Reserve your spot for this free virtual discussion here! And stay tuned for details about future How to Start a Startup events.