In early-August, 2014 prize winner triMirror hosted a 3D virtual fitting room event at the Walden Galleria in partnership with Gap, Guess, and Microsoft. Shoppers, media, and special guests all participated as triMirror debuted a new version of its in-store virtual mirror, which works effectively with Microsoft Kinect 2.0.

According to triMirror co-founder and CFO Jenny Tcharnaia, “triMirror allows shoppers to virtually see how clothing drapes and fits their bodies – while moving, and in real-time. By using gestures to control the avatar’s animated movements, users are able to navigate the interface and select virtual clothes to try on.”

triMirror is the first real-time 3D solution in the world that allows the try-on of real clothes on highly customizable avatars. The technology offers personalized size and style recommendations based on a virtual fitting. Users are able to zoom to see the texture of the garment in high definition, as well as in x-ray and transparent modes. A tension map feature also shows a user where clothing is tight or loose.

Those trying out the 3D virtual fitting room had several full racks of Gap and Guess clothing to test the triMirror system with. By partnering with Microsoft at Walden Galleria, triMirror was experienced on several large screens, and with the Microsoft Xbox Kinect 2.0 camera, enabling gesture control and a high level of interactivity.

Since 2014, prospective triMirror clients from all over the world have visited Buffalo, NY, to tour the 43North incubator and meet with the company. triMirror also travelled to Milan, Italy and has signed a large contract with a new client there. Tcharnaia recently presented for the Buffalo State College Fashion & Textile Technology department and traveled throughout Southern Ontario and Toronto as a 43North ambassador. She also exhibited at the Collision Conference in Las Vegas, NV, and was included in separate USA Today and Globe and Mail articles on tech startups and disruption.

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