Thursday Three: July 31

Each week, we curate a few of our favorite stories for entrepreneurs and startups, then share them with you.

Scary Good Entrepreneurial Advice

Whether you’re opening a bakery, boutique or barbershop, here are four things you and entrepreneurs all over the world can learn from renowned author, Stephen King.

It’s Not What You Know, it’s Who You Know

In order to get to know people, you have to create and make connections. And in order to grow and strengthen those connections, you need to cultivate them. Here are 6 simple ways to build stronger business relationships. Take a look – it’s not as hard as you think.

The Path to Negotiating Prowess

There are individuals who seem to be born negotiators. They have no fear of getting out there, standing up for themselves, and asking for what they want. And then are the rest of us. We’re timid. Afraid of confrontation. Unsure of how to bargain for what we want with those in the first group. No one knows all the secrets to becoming a great negotiator, but Stephanie Vozza provides us with a few that can get us on the right path.

Photos courtesy of The Guardian, The Journal Sentinel, The Jenson Group