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Time Well Spent

Free time, especially as an entrepreneur, is limited, so it’s best to maximize those precious spare minutes. Our suggestion? Pick up a book. Reading not only makes you smarter, but opens your eyes to new perspectives and reduces stress.

The Beauty Behind Ugly

Ugly Christmas sweaters are all the rage this holiday season, especially sports-themed ones. Forever Collectibles almost missed the boat on selling them, but CEO Michael Lewis trusted his daring employees, and his decision paid off to the tune of $10 million.

A Balance Act

A good marketing team will add equal parts science and art to their marketing plan. Rely too heavily on science and you risk coming across as robotic. Lean too heavily on art and you won’t have any qualitative data. If you want to learn how to incorporate both, check out this great infographic from Kapost.

Photos courtesy of Kapost.com and Entrepreneur.com