Supersizing Your Resources

What if you could expand your thinking power by 1,500 times? Or, what if you could turn one year’s worth of work, approximately 8,000 hours, into just a few? That’s only a glimpse of the possibilities provided by the supercomputing powerhouse at the University at Buffalo’s Center for Computational Research (CCR).

Using the highest speeds possible, this massive, parallel computing machine works to solve complex problems that revolutionize the time it takes to get answers to our scientific research. Nationally recognized, the CCR provides scientists and engineers access to state-of-the-art computing, high-speed networking and high-end visualizations on a daily basis. Each experiment produces about 4 terabytes of data-equivalent to about one million copies of the complete works of Shakespeare.

If your mind isn’t blown yet, the CCR also provides education, outreach, training and fosters economic development and job creation in Western New York by providing local businesses with access to advanced computing resources, including hardware, software and consulting services. Find out how your business can benefit from partnering with University at Buffalo’s supercomputing powerhouse at today!