Starting Point: East Side

Buffalo has been known throughout history for its innovations and we ‘ve written about a few of them like the first commercial air conditioner and the windshield wiper. But did you know that the East Side of Buffalo was also a hot spot for some of the most well-known, cutting-edge jazz musicians in the 1900s? Let’s jump in. After stopping at your car to drop off your delicacies, get another history fix just a block away at the Buffalo Central Terminal. This 1920s art-deco giant was the hub of rail travel in the Buffalo area and opened when approximately 1.5 million people were living in the City. More recently, the terminal has begun offering tours to support the ongoing restoration efforts. For fans of the spookier side of life (or the afterlife, shall we say), the Central Terminal was recently featured on an episode of Ghost Hunters. And finally, to help separate your knowledge of science and the supernatural, head over to the Buffalo Museum of Science. Like the world of science, the events in the museum are always changing so be sure to keep up with the latest exhibits. Currently, the museum is showcasing a fascinating Mummies of the World collection that ‘s only in town for a few more weeks. The exhibit explains how modern science is unraveling mysteries kept hidden by some of the mummies for thousands of years.

After a day on Buffalo’s East Side, you will have experienced a journey through time with the help of music, mummies and a market! Trust us, these five places are just the tip of the iceberg. Enjoy!