Staff Picks: What We’re Reading

The startup scene is a fast-paced, ever-changing community, and it can be hard to keep up with all that’s happening. But it’s important to stay on the pulse of not just what’s going on locally, but nationally (and even internationally) in the entrepreneurial space.

So, how do you do it? Even on your busiest days, you probably take a few minutes to read the headlines of your favorite newspaper or blog, or simply skim your Twitter feed for a quick recap of what happened that day. Staying in-the-know is essential to growing as an entrepreneur and understanding where your business fits into the larger startup ecosystem.

For our latest edition of Staff Picks, we share our favorite reads to help us grow professionally and simply be aware of what’s happening in our community.

Whether your focus is on sales, marketing, finance, business development, or anything in between, you’ll find some resources worth checking out on this list.

Note: Many of the publications we mention have daily email newsletters, so you don’t have to worry about remembering to check out their website every day!

Peter Burakowski, Director of Marketing

National Outlets: The New York Times, Inc., Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Forbes,

Buffalo Outlets: Dave Robinson of the Buffalo News and Dan Miner of Buffalo Business First do excellent coverage of our community’s startup scene, and Buffalo Rising is a great resource for updates on Buffalo restaurants, arts and culture.

Lauren Rivett, Director of Incubation

My two daily favorites are:
  • Strictly VC: Aggregates tech news, including acquisitions, CEO/leadership changes, stock updates, emerging companies/technologies, etc. I get the email version every morning and love how it ensures you have the big news of the day.
  • State of Politics Blog via Spectrum News: Aggregates national political news, NYC, Buffalo, and hyper-local politics and state and national legislative updates. “Here and Now” comes out every morning around 5:50am and then “Extras” comes out at around 5 or 6pm to recap the day. They also do a Sunday night update “The Weekend That Was” to tell you everything that happened that weekend. Great way to make sure you aren’t missing anything going on.

Brian Straka, Communications Manager

I love reading Medium because all I have to do is set some basic filters and criteria, and it suggests to me a bunch of articles and blogs that align with my interests. It’s definitely something I look forward to checking each morning. Currently I’m doing a lot of reading regarding cyptocurrency and Blockchain, and ways to be more efficient with my time.

Colleen Heidinger, Director of Events & Programming

The Skimm is always a part of my daily read!

Nate Benson, Digital Media Manager

I read Futurity at least once a week to catch up on some of the research and technology being developed at universities across North America. It’s a good indicator of where things are going and new sectors of startups that could emerge.

To get an idea of what’s going on in Buffalo, I read The Public a few times a week. They tend to report on stories of substance, rather than low-hanging fruit. is a great resource for digital creators. I routinely open this up in the morning to find out what others are doing in the industry and how I can adapt similar workflows into digital media.

Techmeme is an aggregate of tech news from the biggest sites, saving me time from having to go to The Verge, TechCrunch, Digital Trends, etc. It’s a one-stop shop for all your tech news.

Elle Anderson, Business Development Associate

Buffalo Business First: Morning and afternoon addition. It keeps me in the loop with the latest business deals and happenings in Buffalo.

I also subscribe to PitchBook News & Analysis for the latest on venture capital transactions and dollars.

Pete Petrella, Strategy & Development

  • Axios: Mix of original and smartly narrated coverage of media trends, tech, business, and politics
  • The New York Times: Morning and evening briefings
  • Entrepreneur Magazine: I subscribe to their email newsletter to stay plugged in

Kim Speier, Content Marketing Manager

Since so much of my workday is focused on social media, I rely heavily on Twitter for my news. Following both local and national accounts keeps me informed on what’s happening from a general news perspective. When it comes to the tech and startup scenes, I enjoy reading Mashable and TechCrunch. They explain some of the more complicated tech stories in a way that a non-techie can understand.