Staff Picks: Productivity Tools We Can’t Live Without

The staff at 43North is deeply immersed in the local startup community, so we wanted to start a biweekly series that let people into our professional and social lives a bit more. From our favorite places to hang out in Buffalo to organizations we are involved with and publications we’re reading, every two weeks our staff will share their favorite places, things, and tools.

We hope this will be a valuable resource for you as a professional as well as help shed some light on all there is to do around Western New York.

To start off our Staff Picks series, I asked our team to share what tools and apps they rely on most to stay productive during the workday. As an entrepreneur or any working professional, we know your time is precious (and limited). So check out these tools to help you stay organized and on track!

Pete Petrella, Strategy & Development

SignNow – Sign, forward, and request signatures for documents and contracts.

Starbucks – I rely on their app to keep me going!

Lauren Rivett, Director of Incubation

Doodle Poll– Because scheduling 100 busy people for one meeting is nearly impossible without it!

Brian Straka, Communications Manager

Pocket – It allows me to dump all the articles and posts I find interesting into one place. If I’m working and come across something that piques my interest (but I don’t want to get distracted by reading it), I can just file it away and come back to it later. I don’t need to keep tabs open of everything and can instead keep them all in my ‘pocket.’

Elle Anderson, Business Development Associate

Waze – I always get to meetings on time because this app directs me around traffic and accidents. – It helps me prioritize my daily to-do list with reminders and follow-ups.
Buffalo Roam – This app just launched and allows you to pay for street parking right from your phone.

Dan Greene, Director of Operations

Union – I love Union because it allows me to keep track of events and mentor offerings related to entrepreneurship in Buffalo and across the national network of incubators using Union.

Amy DiSarno, Office Manager

Google Sheets – I can easily track expenses and inventory for the incubator in one place.

Google Keep – I use this to jot down notes, which can be accessed through my Google account, and create reminders for things to follow-up on.

Nate Benson, Digital Media Manager

VideoTweet – This is a plugin I use in Final Cut Pro X. It enables me to quickly send video from FCPX right to Twitter. Prior to this plugin, you would have to export a clip, head to your browser (or airdrop the clip to your iPhone), and wait for it to process and “hopefully” post. With VideoTweet, I’m able to publish our video content to Twitter in just a couple clicks.

Giphy Capture – If you know me, you know I love gifs. I’m working on way to communicate only with gifs, much to the chagrin of my wife. Giphy Capture allows me to quickly make gifs from my desktop. I use it to make gifs of 43North video content right from my editing software. Other plugins do a similar function, but the file size was always an issue. Giphy Capture informs you of the file size prior to exporting so you’re able to trim your gif down for social media platforms. – Like Elle, I love using to manage my ever growing to-do list. It’s a clean, simple to-do app. There are hundreds of these apps in the app store, and they all do the same thing. just makes sense for the things I use it for.

Kim Speier, Content Marketing Manager

Trello – Makes project management incredibly simple, and is a great way to develop and manage an editorial calendar.

Buffer – Schedule social media posts for multiple platforms in one place. There’s also a Google Chrome extension that allows you to add posts to your queue. And did I mention there’s a free version?!