Staff Picks: Fourth of July Activities in Buffalo We Can’t Miss

If there’s one thing I know about the 43North staff, it’s that they sure know how to have fun. Especially when it comes to national holidays.

The Fourth of July in Buffalo is always filled with fun times, good food, great company, and, of course, fireworks. It falls during the peak of Buffalo’s summer, and there are tons of activities and celebrations to pack your day with patriotism.

With baseball games, fireworks, barbecues, carnivals, parades, and festivals galore, it can be pretty hard to pick your favorite activity, but that’s exactly what I asked our staff members to do. So if you find yourself in town for the summer, specifically tomorrow, take notes!

Brian Straka – Communications Manager

I enjoy going to the different fireworks shows around the region. Every year I seem to change it up, whether it’s at UB, Niawanda Park, Canalside, etc. Cookouts are a must, too. I think I consume about 75% of my yearly intake of hot dogs and hamburgers on the 4th.

Kim Speier – Content Marketing Manager

I like to keep it pretty simple on the 4th of July, so I’ll get together with friends and family for a cookout and then we’ll watch fireworks from the backyard. There are several local parks nearby that have amazing fireworks displays, and you don’t even have to leave home to see them!

Another great place for fireworks is at Sunset Bay in Irving. Being able to watch them from the beach while the sun is setting is the epitome of a perfect summer evening.

Nate Benson – Digital Media Manager

I have a descendant who was one of the financiers of the American Revolution and played an important role in forming the first government. In fact, he was the first treasurer of the United States, Michael Hillegas. So for me, the fourth of July is a holiday I hold dear to my heart because it symbolizes a time when citizens stood together for a common good and declared themselves a part of a free nation. There have been hurdles along the way, but I’d like to think the founders understood that a free society wasn’t easy to mold.

I also make a killer pork shoulder on the 4th.

John Gavigan – Executive Director

  • Boating
  • Watching fireworks
  • Launching fire lanterns
  • Observing the “Red Ring” at Chautauqua Lake

Dan Greene – Director of Operations

My family came over from London just after World War II. So I generally spend the Fourth stewing about, reflecting on how Michael Hillegas and his fellow rogues wronged my forefathers. Bloody tea-wasters!

Pete Petrella – Strategy and Development Lead

I enjoy being on the water in Buffalo and enjoying all of the new activities the Buffalo waterfront has to offer.

Elle Anderson – Business Development Associate

My favorite activity is having a cookout with friends and just enjoying watching the fireworks in town!

Lauren Rivett – Director of Incubation

Heading out to Crystal Beach with friends and family, and watching the fireworks of course!

Colleen Heidinger- Director of Events & Programming

Anything near the water, especially with family. I grew up going to our family’s beach for bonfires and fireworks. There is still something about it 32 years later that is quintessential 4th of July!

Amy DiSarno – Office Manager

Honestly, I just like to blow stuff (fireworks) up and watch the beautiful colors of them as well. I like to see the faces of the kids as they watch them, especially my niece. I even love the smell of them. I love hanging out with family and friends outside and having a cookout!

Cassie Webber – Marketing and Communications Intern

On the 4th of July I like to spend the day on the beach, soaking up the sun at Turtle Joe’s Sandbar in Angola. After the beach, I make my way to the Canalside fireworks show.

Canalside actually hosts an all-day 4th of July celebration, but I usually get there just in time to see the spectacular fireworks show that is timed to go off in sync with popular patriotic songs.