43North portfolio company, ShearShare (Y7), was recently featured on the Today Show!

Ty and Courtney Caldwell, the husband and wife duo behind ShearShare, noticed a significant problem in the hair industry, especially during the pandemic – empty chairs. They decided to use their sheer creativity to develop a solution that has earned them the fitting nickname “Hair B and B.”

ShearShare is an app that connects barbershop and salon owners with freelance professionals in the industry. It allows owners to list their available spaces, and beauty professionals can easily book them, similar to booking a hotel room. This innovative platform addresses the issue of empty chairs that plague many salons and barbershops, creating a win-win situation for both shop owners and stylists.

ShearShare’s journey began in 2012 when an independent stylist approached Ty and Courtney with a unique request to rent out their suite on certain days. The success of this arrangement prompted them to extend the concept to other locations. With a desire to help shop owners fill their empty chairs and provide beauty professionals with flexible space options, ShearShare quickly gained traction.

Through their hard work and dedication, Ty and Courtney have expanded ShearShare’s reach to nearly 900 cities across the United States and in 2022, relocated from Dallas, TX to Buffalo, NY to join 43North’s accelerator program.

Thanks to their app, beauty professionals can now access salon settings without needing long-term contracts, allowing them to work in various locations and reach clients in different areas. As the hair industry continues to evolve, ShearShare is positioned as an important addition to the sector. With their innovative platform, they are building a future of work that supports creative professionals in their long-term success. The founders envision ShearShare as a comprehensive B2B ecosystem, providing all the necessary tools for professionals to thrive in the industry.

Congrats, Dr. Tye & Courtney!