The first round of judging has come to a close, and we’re excited to announce the 134 startups that are moving on to our semifinals! This year, we received 502 submissions from around the world and across a variety of industries.

Over the next few weeks, each semifinalist will present a live virtual pitch to a panel of judges, where they’ll present their business model and answer any questions the judges may have. Then, those selected as finalists will come to Buffalo in October for 43North Finals, where they’ll pitch live for a shot at a cut of $5 million.

Those are some pretty high stakes, and certainly no easy feat, so we’d like to take the opportunity to recognize and congratulate all of our semifinalists. We’ll be announcing who is moving on to the Finals at the beginning of September, so stay tuned.

Learn more about the companies competing for one of 8 cash prizes, in addition to mentorship, incubation space, and tax-free operation under the STARTUP-NY program – and we hope you’ll join us on October 5 at Shea’s Performing Arts Center when we announce our Year 4 Winners!

Meet Our Semifinalists

2020Shift – New York, New York
3AM Innovations – Buffalo, New York
AceAge – Guelph, Ontario, Canada
Acorn – Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
ACTO App – Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Adistry – Longmont, Colorado
Airo Health – Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
Allied Microbiota – New York, New York
Ambience Data Inc. – Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
AQ BioMed – Boulder, Colorado
AquaFresco – Somerville, Massachusetts
AXIS – Toronto, Ontario, Canada
BABYBE – Stuttgart, Germany
backstitch – Kansas City, Missouri
Balance Engineering, LLC – Henrietta, New York
BallotReady – Chicago, Illinois
BioSavita, Inc. – Plymouth, Michigan
Bioserie – Hong Kong
BlackBox Biometrics Inc. – Rochester, New York
Burner Fitness, Inc. – Buffalo, New York
calvIO Inc. – Webster, New York
Cellular Preservation Technologies – Buffalo, New York
Cinchapi – Atlanta, Georgia
Cogentis Therapeutics – Baltimore, Maryland
COSIGN INC – Brooklyn, New York
Credit Hero – New York, New York
Cross Platform Solutions GmbH – Berlin, Germany
DashMetrics – Ballston Spa, New York
Dimien, LLC – Amherst, New York
DMF Medical, Inc. – Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Doblet, Inc. – San Francisco, California
Dot Health – Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Dozop, LLC – Watertown, Massachusetts
EagleHawk One, LLC – Buffalo, New York
EmergenSee, Inc. – Malvern, Pennsylvania
Engio – AireXpert – Buffalo, New York
Exactus Energy, Inc. – Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Expanesthetics, Inc. – Davis, California
Femi Secrets – Atlanta, Georgia
Fentrend – Brooklyn, New York
Feynman Nano – Orlando, Florida
Fig Loans – New York, New York
Flashfood, Inc. – Toronto, Ontario, Canada
FleetRover – Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Free Your Tea – New Orleans, Louisiana
Funderful – San Francisco, California
Galaxy.AI – New York, New York
Ginjan Bros, LLC – New York, New York
GoGig – Boynton Beach, Florida
HDP Health – San Francisco, California
Hello Baby – Menlo Park, California
HiNT – Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
HiOperator – San Francisco, California
HumansFirst Technology – Scottsdale, Arizona
Hyre – Toronto, Ontario, Canada
IFTech Inventing Future Technology, Inc. – Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
ImmunoBiochem Corporation – Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Innofect – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
InnoSphere – Haifa, Israel
Innovein – San Carlos, California
iSono Health – San Francisco, California
Kangarootime – Long Beach, California
Ketos, Inc. – San Jose, California
Kinems, Inc. – Boston, Massachusetts
KometaBio, Inc. – Cresskill, New Jersey
Komodo OpenLab, Inc. – Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Lawdingo, Inc. – New York, New York
Livegauge – Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Lux Beauty Club – New York, New York
MAX – Lagos, Nigeria
MDOps Corporation – Melville, New York
Mekonos – Palo Alto, California
Mellowcabs – Franschhoek, South Africa
MemoryFox – Buffalo, New York
MicroQuantum – Auburn Hills, Michigan
MobioSense – Boston, Massachusetts
Molecular Glasses, Inc. – Rochester, New York
Moving Analytics, Inc. – San Francisco, California
MUrgency – San Francisco, California
Mycroft AI – Kansas City, Missouri
Nanowear – Brooklyn, New York
Nonnatech – New York, New York
Nouvola – Portland, Oregon
NuCypher – San Francisco, California
OTTAA Project – Cordoba, Argentina
Ovamba Solutions, Inc. – Chevy Chase, Maryland
Paddle – Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Pairity – New York, New York
Parcel – New York, New York
Patient Pattern – Buffalo, New York
Patientory, Inc. – Atlanta, Georgia
Pawprint, Inc. – San Francisco, California
Peeva – Buffalo, New York
PFITR – Little Rock, Arkansas
Pitstop – Toronto, Ontario, Canada
PixelEXX Systems, Inc. – Hinsdale, Illinois
POP Biotechnologies, Inc. – Buffalo, New York
Project-RAY – Yokneam, Israel
Proteorex Therapeutics, Inc. – Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Qidni Labs, Inc. – San Francisco, California
QReserve – Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
QueueHop – College Point, New York
Rachel’s Remedies, LLC – Buffalo, New York
ReviveMed – Somerville, Massachusetts
Routeique Inc. – Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Saent Holding Limited – Hong Kong
Samaritan – Seattle, Washington
Savormetrics – Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Scout MD – Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Selfycart – San Mateo, California
Sigma Ratings, Inc. – Cambridge, Massachusetts
Siris Medical – Redwood City, California
Skuld, LLC – Tipp City, Ohio
Smart Alto – San Jose, California
SmartPath – Atlanta, Georgia
Soft Lesion Analytics – Ann Arbor, Michigan
Snow Monkey – Santa Monica, California
SomaDetect, Inc. – Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
SPLT Rides – Ann Arbor, Michigan
Squire – New York, New York
Staffy Canada – Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Suncayr – Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
Sunu, Inc. – Boston, Massachusetts
TARA.AI – San Jose, California
TenCar, Inc. – Batavia, New York – Buffalo, New York
Tranquilo, Inc. – Boston, Massachusetts
Tricolops – Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
True Link Financial – San Francisco, California
Tyll Solar – Rochester, New York
Vivacelle Bio, Inc. – Chicago, Illinois
Walkabout Collaborative, LLC – Angola, New York
Water Hero, Inc – Beverly, Massachusetts
Zelegent, Inc. – Irvine, California


For the full press release of our semifinalists announcement, click here.