points from Qoints

Our very own Qoints just hit the data jackpot for digital success analytics. Gifted with a ton of extra data, in addition to their own, Qoints was able to further develop and reinforce their thought-leading ideas surrounding effective digital success and the monitoring process.

They’ve published a white paper. We’ll sum up the good stuff below, and you can check the full findings out for yourself here.



  • Mass social channels are associated with lower sales lift, not higher
  • There’s little correlation between impressions and sales lift, so focus campaign KPIs appropriately
  • Channel preference is distinctly different between moms and millennials, so plan wisely to maximize returns
  • Value-added tactics provide higher sales lift in most industries; re-evaluate discount-driven tactics
  • The type and mix of tactics can influence sales lift significantly, so ensure the optimal mix is built into each campaign




A mixture of data access and personal experience makes the guys over at Qoints pretty knowledgable in their field. Harris Maxwell, co-founder and COO, hooked us up with some tips not yet published:

  • Produce content that people want, not just content for the sake of creating content: It has to be engaging and shareable
  • Content doesn’t have to come from a big name – it’s more important to provide the best answers to your customer’s biggest questions in a format they like
  • Write content that highlights your clients and partners (they share it) – just get permission first!
  • Leverage the most appropriate social channels for your audience
  • Growth hacking your follower base is good, but only if it results in hyper-targeted followers (so be very clear about how you want to reach before attempting to reach them)
  • Nurture content-sharing relationships with other bloggers (share your content with them, re-purpose their content for your blog)
  • Don’t outsource – quality will not be high enough (shops offering article writing are mainly SEO plays)

Social media listening tools now claim to determine the ROI of social campaigns; they can’t do this, though. No one can yet. In the meantime, Qoints is focusing on what matters–sales lift. It’s a far better indicator of digital campaign success than is the number of impressions. Beyond that, Qoints is the first to employ the strategy of benchmark performance comparison to truly, more accurately convey the success of a campaign.

If you or your company are interested in some insight from the guys who know best, the Qoints website might be worth a look.