Podcast: How To Get The Attention Of A Venture Capitalist Without Really Trying

Well, actually it requires a boatload of work, but who doesn’t love a podcast title that plays on the title of a 1960’s Broadway musical?

Anyway, this week on the podcast we’re talking with Somak Chattopadhyay, the managing partner at Armory Square Ventures. Somak talks about the type of startups his firm likes to invest in and gives some detailed advice about how a startup should prep for meeting a VC firm.

Armory Square Ventures invests in many WNY companies including the 2015 million dollar award 43North winner ACV Auctions. You may remember, we had ACV Auctions co-founder Joe Nieman on the podcast several weeks ago. Somak also talks about what attracted Armory Square Ventures to invest in a startup like ACV Auctions. It’s great insight this week, especially if you’re looking to start pitching to VC’s.

This week’s podcast is sponsored by Allied Global. Allied Global is considered one of the top business processing companies in North America and they partner with Fortune 500 companies, down to startups with a small team. So how can Allied Global help your startup get off the ground? They offer a vast array of B2B and B2C inbound and outbound sales, customer care, tech support and quality assurance. They even offer IT and Back Office solutions, which can be one of the easily overlooked aspects of a company that startups need.