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43North 2020 Year In Review

2020 looked like a year to retreat on the surface, but for 43North, it’s been a year marked by great momentum and the type of traction that turned things we only dreamed about when we started in 2014 into reality. This year, our portfolio companies raised over $150 million in venture capital, walked away with […]


Celebrating 43North’s Influential Black Founders

In honor of Black History Month, we’re taking a moment to celebrate the Black founders in our 43North family. We’re proud of their many accomplishments across the years and pleased to have these influential individuals growing their businesses within our community. While 2020 saw U.S. companies raise nearly $150 billion in venture capital, less than […]


43North Founders Featured in Forbes Next 1000

Repost from Forbes: America is rich in small businesses. These enterprises account for over 30 million U.S. businesses and some two-thirds of net new jobs. While venture-backed startups generally skew white, male and coastal, these Main Street companies actually look like—and drive—America. To shine a light on these entrepreneurial heroes, Forbes has created the Next […]


Forbes: How An Entrepreneur’s 360-Degree Camera Became A Tool For First Responders

The following is a repost from Forbes in which, 43North Y3 portfolio company Bounce Imaging and its founder Francisco Aguilar are featured as part of the Forbes Next 1000 listing.   Francisco Aguilar, founder-CEO of Bounce Imaging, created a bocce ball-size 360-degree camera that can be thrown into dangerous spaces to see what’s happening inside […]


NerdWallet: It’s Now Easier Than Ever for Your Boss to Pay Your Student Loans

The following is a repost of an article from NerdWallet featuring 43North Y6 portfolio company Peanut Butter. Congress just gave your employer a good reason to help pay off your student loans. And unlike many student loan relief programs, this one includes private loans. The December 2020 coronavirus relief law gives your boss the opportunity […]


Western New York Trailblazer: John Gavigan, Endeavor

Western New York is full of innovators, blazing new trails as they work to build a better Buffalo. In collaboration with our partners at Forge Buffalo, Aleron, Be In Buffalo and TechBuffalo, 43North is celebrating a select group of these Western New York Trailblazers. John Gavigan is the Managing Director at Endeavor, a mission-driven, global organization leading the high-impact […]


Western New York Trailblazer: Jenna Crisp, Circuit Clinical

Western New York is full of innovative people, blazing new trails as they work to build a better Buffalo. 43North has teamed up with our friends at Forge Buffalo, Aleron, Be In Buffalo and TechBuffalo for a special blog series celebrating a select group of Western New York Trailblazers. Jenna Crisp is the VP of Product and Digital […]


Buffalo News: $19 million flowing to small businesses from Covid-19 relief program

Repost from the Buffalo News About $19 million worth of checks are in the mail to small businesses in Erie County chosen for grants from a Covid-19 relief program. The “Back to Business” program has started notifying 1,366 businesses that their money is coming. The recipients are among 5,000 small businesses that applied for grants and were […]