43North Music Monday: Lee Locklear, 43North Events Coordinator

Welcome back to another 43North Music Monday! This week I’d like to introduce you to the newest member of the 43North staff, Lee Locklear. After working as an intern for 4 months with us, Lee is now 43North’s Event Coordinator.

Originally from a small town in North Carolina, Lee wanted a change of scenery for his college years. Always wanting to live a city life, Lee wasn’t yet ready for a pace as fast as New York or Boston. Buffalo, however, was exactly what he was looking for.

So he packed his bags and moved from his family’s farmhouse to Canisius College, a small Jesuit college in the heart of Buffalo where you get the taste of both a close-knit campus community and a bustling city with tons of things to do. He studied for 4 years, earned his degree this May, and has made Buffalo his new home.

As he begins his third week of work as a full-time 43North employee, he supplied us with his go-to playlist that he listens to throughout the workday. Positivity is a main theme in this playlist as he enters this bright new chapter in his life.

Lee notes, “All these songs have a positive undertone, even the slower ones, which is what I am looking for right now. I’ve noticed music plays an influential role in my life and is able to give me what I need. There is a good mix of background noise and bop-along-to type songs that help me stay focus and positive throughout the day. Today is a good day to have a good day!”

Yes it is, Lee. Happy Monday all!

Catch up on our previous Music Monday playlists on our Spotify page, @forty3north. See you next week!