Meet Our Year Four $500,000 Winner: is an intelligent product builder, using AI to speed up the software development of products through automated project scoping, assignment of vetted contractors, and performance management.

Hometown: San Jose, CA


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Q&A With Iba Masood, Co-Founder & CEO

Describe your team in 3 words.

Intelligent product builders.

Have you been recognized for your achievements/won any awards?

Yes; I was the youngest winner of the Cartier Women’s Initiative Award. I was also part of the YCombinator Winter 2015 class, a past winner of the MIT Global Business Plan competition, and a recipient of the Arabian Business Young Achiever of the Year award. I have been featured in BBC, TechCrunch, Wired, Forbes, and Huffington Post for my work in building algorithmic pre-screening mechanisms for recruiting, and for my passion for machine learning in the world of work.

What’s the biggest reward from running your startup?

Our team believes in the product we are building, our mission to help companies innovate faster, and our vision to help build a meritocracy. We dog food our own product, i.e. half our engineering team was surfaced with the help of TARA.

What problem is your startup solving?

  1. Project scoping and building workflows is a time consuming and intensive process. TARA builds your product scope automatically, assigns timelines, and breaks down your scope into executable tasks. It does this through past scraped data on projects that have been intelligently organized by our system.
  2. Finding qualified specializing developers is a time-consuming process. TARA augments your team by assigning contract developers based on your product scope and manages their workflows automatically.
  3. Diversity in teams. TARA assigns your developers based on their skill, rather than pedigree, race, or gender. It enables organizations to have diverse teams of contractors.

How can working in the Buffalo startup ecosystem help your startup thrive?

Contractors on TARA are selected on the basis of their skill, rather than university degree, pedigree, or race. We already have veterans based in New York on our platform, that are earning an income through TARA as contractors, and we’re aiming to expand our network of contractors. Our goal is to enable thousands of individuals in Buffalo to earn significant incomes on TARA by developing software for large enterprise, and being selected for these projects on the basis of their merit and skill. We’re also aiming to hire full-time employees for TARA in Buffalo, and expanding our customer success and sales teams by specifically setting up an East-Coast division (approximately 80% of our customers are based on the East Coast and we’re currently servicing these customers from California).

Explain your startup as if you were explaining to a kindergartener.

In natural language, chat with TARA about the specifics of your project. Within minutes, TARA will send you a fixed or hourly quote for your project and get started on deploying contractor resources immediately. You no longer have to hunt for contract developers to work on your project. We have a pre-screened community of 50,000 professionals ready to go, and TARA assigns your experts according to skill and expertise. We built TARA with one principle in mind: To helps team innovate and iterate.


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