“Entrepreneurism is more than just a word to me — it’s my lifestyle,” wrote Bill Rader in his very first article for the Forbes website last month.

Rader runs Efferent Labs, a biomedical startup that won $500,000 in the 43North competition in 2014 and is now headquartered at a University at Buffalo building on the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus.

He has also become a regular contributor to the Forbes website, sharing thoughts that range from his own entrepreneurial journey to contemporary issues facing biomedical companies and innovation. He’s penned several articles related to Buffalo, including one that shared the story of how he became involved in 43North and another in which he defends the state’s Start-Up NY tax breaks program.

To defend that program, he pointed out that the incentive was one reason he stayed in Western New York.

“We were being pursued by the state of South Carolina to move my start-up (Efferent Labs) there,” he wrote, “They had a lot of incentives, including cooperation from the three largest state universities (a big plus for a biotech start-up), tax incentives, assistance in many other areas, office space and meetings with investors; you name it, and a very low threat of snow!”

You can find all of Rader’s articles here.

Rader got involved through one of the 43North public relations firms, 19 Ideas, which e-mailed former winners in April to say that Forbes was looking for contributors. Rader made the cut and now has an open-ended invitation to contribute, getting paid on a per-articel basis.

As for Efferent, Rader said development is moving along on its Living Biosensor System, which the closure of a $750,000 seed round in advance of a Series A next year.

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