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In this episode of Latitude, Justine Palkowski, Sr. Marketing Manager at 43North,  is joined by the founders of Twipes, Elle McIntosh and Al Borz, who are making waves in the wet wipes industry. The episode delves into their founder journey, the inspiration behind Twipes, and their experience applying to 43North and moving from London to Buffalo to join 43North’s Y8 cohort. 

Meet the Founders

Ellenor McIntosh – Elle McIntosh is a Black, Female scientist from Britain with a passion for sustainability.

With her background in biochemical and materials science, Elle invented the biotech behind Twipes – The world’s first truly flushable and biodegradable wet wipes! Elle then went on to win the Princess Diana Award in 2019 for her achievements in science, was on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 List in 2020, as well being featured in publications such as TimeOut and The Guardian!

Alborz (AL) Bozorgi – Besides being a well-known lover of cheese-based snacks, AL is a serial social entrepreneur with past enterprise partnerships involving the likes of AB InBev, British Airways, and L’Oreal. Since co-founding Twipes, AL has gone on to become the 2017 Mayor of London’s Entrepreneurs of the year, graduated with an executive degree from Dartmouth College, and developed his international public speaking skills at Germany’s annual governmental climate conference!

About Twipes

Wet wipes are a quintessential part of everyday hygiene – from baby care to beauty; their reach spans many markets worth $21 billion annually. Unfortunately, wipes are an environmental menace that damage our drainage systems, break down ineffectively over decades, and releases microplastics into our water. Twipes solve this issue with the world’s first truly flushable and truly biodegradable wipes! Twipes are water dispersible within three short hours and biodegrade in a commercial landfill in just 7 days.

With Twipes, sewer blockages, and plastic pollution can become a trouble of the past!

The Birth of Twipes

Elle and Al share the serendipitous moment that led to the creation of Twipes. Over breakfast at a fancy restaurant, a friend expressed frustration with toilet clogs caused by so-called “flushable” wipes. This sparked their determination to develop an eco-friendly alternative. Elle’s background in science and passion for the environment merged perfectly, and they embarked on their journey to tackle the wipes problem.

Applying to 43North

The founders recount their four attempts at joining the 43North accelerator program before officially joining in 2023. The unique semifinal process, where they got a taste of Buffalo and tested their compatibility with the city, made them feel like winners even before being officially selected. The support and welcoming community they found at 43North have been invaluable, making their move to Buffalo a seamless transition.

Achievements and Milestones

Since joining 43 North, Twipes has celebrated significant milestones, including launching their product in the US in April 2023 – just a few short months after moving to Buffalo. Additionally, hiring talented individuals has been a crucial success, despite the challenges startups face in finding suitable candidates. 


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