After ninety-nine episodes, it was time to celebrate with friends, family, colleagues and former guests for episode one hundred of Latitude – The 43North Podcast.

Over 75 people gathered at DIG Buffalo, the coworking space located at the Innovation Center, to hear from two of the three co-founders of 43North winner ACV Auctions.

Latitude 100 brought longtime listeners together with formers guests from the show like Dave Colligan, Jack McGowen, Jennifer Beckage and more, came together to learn the origins of ACV Auctions from Joe and Dan.

At the top of the show, I tried to trip up Joe and Dan by asking them who of their 600+ employees were their favorite. As you’ll hear in the episode they both gave an incredibly humorous PR answer of “all that are here.”

The conversation quickly turned into how Joe and Dan met in 2014 when Joe approached the latter with an idea for an app. They recalled recruiting that first customer and how Joe was on site at the dealership when the auction went live while Dan stayed at the office to ensure nothing crashed.

The audience also had the opportunity to ask questions, which is unique to the live edition of the podcast. The crowd was curious about raising capital, building a culture and more.
Listen to the full one-hour episode of Latitude 100 below or on your favorite podcasting app.