In this episode of the Latitude Podcast, hosts Nate Benson from 43North and professor Darren Treadway, faculty expert from the UB Center for Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness, will talk with change agents and entrepreneurs about leadership, innovation and getting things done. The UB School of Management’s Center for Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness, known as “CLOE,” is a group of researchers, scholars, and experts who work to create more effective leaders and organizations. CLOE offers programs, training, speakers, and conferences to help people lead at all levels at their organizations — and in the world.

This week on the podcast we’re thrilled to have Dr. Norma Nowak. Founder of Empire Genomics. Dr. Nowak is also the executive director of the New York State Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics & Life Sciences at the University at Buffalo. She’s an acclaimed researcher and leader in the world of life science. Dr. Nowak talks about how her love of science stemmed from her grandmother, being part of one of the biggest scientific discoveries in history, handling tragedy and being a leading scientist in an era where science is being questioned en masse.