Invest Buffalo Niagara has created a welcome guide that it hopes helps convince people to relocate to the region.

The 90-page guide, just released this week, covers virtually all aspects of the region from average home sales to snapshots of its colleges and universities and professional sports teams.

“It does a couple of things, including selling people on the area, but also serves as a how-to guide for relocating to the region,” said Paul Pfeiffer, Invest Buffalo Niagara director of investor and public relations.

The guide replaces a six-year-old relocation booklet that was outdated.

“We did this to help convince people what a great quality of life we have in the region,” Pfeiffer said.

Pfeiffer said the guide is being sent to companies considering expanding or moving operations to the region. It is also being sent to companies already here to help recruit new workers to the area.

The guide covers virtually all aspects of the region, including local vernacular such as the correct pronunciation of Cheektowaga or explaining what the “big blue water tower” is. There also are statistics showcasing how many sunny days there a year or the fact there are 126 restaurants within the core of downtown Buffalo.

Mini-features include profiles of such people as Sundra Spicer, CEO of the Spicer Group or 43North winner Daniel Shani, founder and CEO of Energy Intelligence.

“We want to make it as easy as possible for local employers to attract qualified talent to their workforces,” said Tom Kucharski, Invest Buffalo Niagara president and CEO.

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