We’re excited to host the third installment of our ‘How to Start a Startup’ series! Continuing our focus on supporting our portfolio companies and the larger Buffalo entrepreneurial community, this discussion will focus on acquiring customers.

Not sure how to get customers, or, more importantly, acquire your first customer after starting a company and building a product? Our free virtual discussion on Wednesday, September 30, at 4 pm ET will help you learn how to build your customer base.

How to Start a Startup was originally a lecture given by Sam Altman (founder of YCombinator) to a Stanford entrepreneurship class. We’re bringing this framework to aspiring founders so you can build a scalable, high-growth business from the ground up.

Join 43North VP of Portofilo and Selection, Lauren Baynes, as she emcees a fireside chat with Spatched founder Dante Griggs, and Produce Peddlers founder, Gary Wieczorek, about how they built their customer base.

Reserve your spot for this free virtual discussion here! And stay tuned for details about future How to Start a Startup events.