Getting Fresh in Buffalo

On any given Saturday morning during a beautiful Buffalo summer you’ll find hundreds of people getting fresh – fresh fruits, veggies, meats, cheeses and the list goes on and on. So grab your reusable bags, cash, the dog, a kid or two and find a farmers market. There are so many popping up in urban and suburban neighborhoods that there’s no way we could tell you about all of them. So, we decided to highlight a few that our team visits regularly. Here ‘s a more complete list if you ‘re interested.

Elmwood Bidwell Farmers Market – This is the most well-known farmers market in the city and takes place each Saturday morning in the picturesque Elmwood Village. With dozens of vendors and products ranging from homemade veggie burgers to fresh cheese to Community Beer Works beer, this market draws a huge crowd. It’s nearly impossible to visit without running into someone you know. All vendors must produce what they sell, including young entrepreneurs from KidBiz who are invited once a summer to try their hand at selling. Here’s the website for more info on hours and vendors:

North Tonawanda Farmers Market – Head north from the City of Buffalo for about 20 minutes and you’ll find the very popular North Tonawanda (birthplace of the carousel) Farmers Market. You’ll know you are getting close on Robinson Road when you see the cars lining the street. Get there early and come hungry. There are usually homemade donuts and coffee right as you walk in. There are rows of vendors selling homemade pet treats and plenty of farmers eager to tell you about what is fresh that week. This market is open Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays from 8 a.m. – 1 p.m. and is at the corner of Robinson and Payne in North Tonawanda.

Williamsville Farmers Market – In the shadows of a 200-year-old saw mill in the Village of Williamsville, about 15 minutes north of the city, you’ll find a slightly smaller farmers market that’s easy to get in and out of on a Saturday morning. You’ll find all the fresh produce, plenty of baked goods and my personal favorite, homemade kettle corn. It won’t take you long to walk around, but take note that its located right next to Glen Falls, which is worth a walk through. Learn more on the Williamsville Market website:

Hamburg Farmers Market – If you’re heading south of the city, the 30-year old Hamburg Farmers Market is worth a stop. The quaint village of Hamburg neighbors one of Western New York ‘s most fertile growing regions – the Eden Valley. As a result, the Hamburg Farmers Market features corn, lettuce, tomatoes, berries that traveled five miles or less to get there. And when you ‘re looking for something that came out of an oven, rather than the ground, stop by Hamburgh Confectionery booth – those ladies make a mean chocolate chip cookie. Check the website for hours and location: