Founder Friday: Jazslyn Leon, Executive Sweeps

In less than two years, Executive Sweeps has gone from a single part-time contract with a local business to full-time commitments with several health practices, churches, and office spaces. But despite the growth in business, they make giving back to the community a top priority by participating in the Buffalo Public Schools’ Saturday Academies and volunteering with the Buffalo Urban League.

The Ignite Buffalo grant recipient plans to not only expand to over 15 employees, but also spend even more time volunteering around the city. In today’s Founder Friday, Executive Sweeps founder Jazslyn Leon shares her experience working with local students, and how her journey is inspiring others to embrace the challenges they face.

Tell us the story of how your business got started.

Executive Sweeps was established in 2017. The company was created for the purpose of helping low income families earn extra income in order to make life a bit easier. Club Marcella gave us the first opportunity to provide our services. Then came WNY Imaging, located on the bottom floor of the old Urban Family Health Practice.

Four months later, we were cleaning the entire building and expanded to Urban Family Practice’s second location at Jefferson Ave. and Utica St. Our job spoke for us and we landed the GBUAHN contract, which included three locations.

What do you do? Your business?

We are a commercial cleaning company that services the City of Buffalo.

What has been the biggest accomplishment for your business to-date?

One of our biggest accomplishments was being chosen as one of the 27 finalists for Ignite Buffalo.

Goals for the next year? Three years?

My goal for the next year is to certify the company, along with our employees, so that in the next 3 years we have laid the foundation in order to compete with the big guys in the business:

  • Become MWBE-certified
  • Employ 15+ employees
  • Provide more volunteering service to our community

Why Buffalo?

The City of Buffalo is where I grew up, it is home, and now is the time to plant the seed – so as the city grows we grow with it.

Share some ways that you give back to the local community – and how others can get involved.

We partnered up with Say Yes Buffalo during the Saturday Academy at the Frank A. Sedita Buffalo Public School #30 volunteering to clean the community. Saturday Academies are offered throughout the Buffalo School District; volunteers are always need. To get involved, you can contact your local community school. We also partnered up with Buffalo Urban League, providing guidance and employment to the youth.

Who has been your biggest motivator through the ups and downs of owning a small business?

The biggest motivator has been my students; I see myself in a lot of them. I experienced the challenges they are experiencing. So I’m always advising them and showing them that no matter how hard a life or educational lesson is, the only choice we have is to solve it or fail at it. No matter that outcome, we must learn from it and apply it within. No one can hold us back from reaching our goals but ourselves.

What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Don’t give up, work while working, and it’s ok to fail but never to quit. Let your job speak for itself.