March 11, 2020 at 7:30 am
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8:15 – 9:00 AM Business Plan Presentations and Audience Questions


Presentations contain general information about the presenting companies and are for educational and networking purposes only. Presentations do not include information or discussion of any fundraising or offering of securities.

Sky Canoe Inc. Jason Dudek, Co-Founder & CFO

Sky Canoe Inc. is a Canadian company producing one of the world’s most advanced unmanned cargo aircraft. Our unique design offers customers and communities a safer, less expensive and cleaner way to move light cargo with unmatched efficiency that can reduce logistics costs by up to 65% for our customers. Sky Canoe’s initial market is with remote extractives, isolated communities and front-line logistics (Defense). In Canada alone this market is worth 2 billion USD and is currently underserved by expensive helicopter couriers and small manned aircraft.

Having proven our design through a prototype, and with technical validation from 3 universities and independent 3rd party aerospace experts, we are now looking to commercialize. More than 50 potential customers, who describe our product as “a game-changer,” have been engaged. We have signed LOIs for the purchase of Sky Canoes with two early adopters and expect to grow rapidly. FAA and transport Canada have confirmed that regulatory requirements will not be an issue because our initial market only involves flying over unpopulated areas and airspace.

Our design is a breakthrough in a well-capitalized space. For instance, Drone Delivery Canada, a company which has neither comparable IP nor revenue, has a current market cap of $150 million on Canada’s TSX. Companies who have generated meaningful innovation in our space, such as Aeryon Labs, have been acquired for upwards of $200 million.

Sky Canoe is led by an international team with experience in business, finance, regulatory compliance and over 40 years’ experience building and flying aircraft. For more information, please visit

WexEnergy LLC Rachel Rosen, President, CEO & Co-Founder

WindowSkin® by WexEnergy is an affordable, featherweight transparent insulation panel that easily attaches to a windowpane interior surface. Once attached, WindowSkins immediately begin to improve comfort, increase energy efficiency, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. WexEnergy is transforming the North American window retrofit market by delivering energy efficiency to buildings and homes. WindowSkins total addressable market is at least $185 billion. Windows are the single largest source of wasted energy in multi-story buildings. WindowSkins significantly reduce that energy waste.

Our customers and industry experts tell us that no product today approaches WindowSkins for performance, ease of use and value. Window replacement is always the most expensive and disruptive retrofit option, especially in urban areas. The typical payback on window replacements is well over 30 years, making it cost prohibitive for most landlords. In contrast, WindowSkins® deliver as much insulation as an added pane of glass at a small fraction of the cost. Installation takes only a few minutes and tenants can stay in place. No tools, no construction, no relocation.

Strong regulatory forces are creating a tailwind behind WexEnergy’s sales efforts. Legislation to reduce energy use and carbon emissions has now been passed in 23 US states and throughout Canada. An increasing number of municipalities, large corporations and institutions are also including sustainability initiatives and energy reduction targets in their mission. As its 2020 sales demonstrate, WexEnergy is gaining significant traction in the huge window retrofit market. Website: