March 24, 2020 at 11:00 am
Zoom Conference (Virtual)

For startups, pushing releases out on time and helping the team be productive (as we all work remotely), is a challenge during this new COVID crisis. Learn how Tara AI is navigating through this with their teams in San Jose and Poland, and continuing to push releases to customers with the help of a generous dose of empathy, weekly sprints, and a full agile framework.

In this webinar, specific tips and tricks covered include:

  • Continuing to keep the team and your engineers motivated, happy and engaged in a time of crisis (15 mins with furbabies anyone?)
  • Working remotely with your product and engineering team (distancing only in person but not in spirit!)
  • Enabling focus state with ongoing distractions.
  • Setting up a cadence to release often and on-time
  • Writing product specs (hint: keep them minimal)
  • Running sprints
  • Tips and tricks for tools (Git, pair programming, and Zoom/Google meet sessions)

About 43North Portfolio Company Tara AI:

Tara helps software teams have better visibility and predictability into the product and development lifecycle. Think a better Jira – with zero configuration – designed to enable teams to move faster with sprints, tasks and specs in one view. Tara AI has raised $13M from leading investors, and is delivering insight to teams looking to focus on execution in their product development.