July 18, 2021 at
Watch the Replay! (Virtual Webinar)

This event was held on June 9, 2021. Watch the replay of the virtual event HERE

Is your startup ready to scale? 43North has $5 million to invest and is looking for our next cohort. Learn more about why you should apply to the 43North startup competition and how 43North can accelerate your growth.

43North’s VP of Portfolio and Selection, Kevin Siskar joined founders Joe Neiman of the unicorn and publicly-traded ACV (43N Y2); Songe LaRon of barbershop tech platform, Squire (43N Y4); and Nadia Hamilton of the assistive consumer tech Magnusmode (43N Y5), for a discussion and Q&A around topics including:

-Competition Details
-Benefits of 43North’s Program
-Tips on Standing Out During the Application Process