October 19, 2022 at 9:30 am
Seneca One (1 Seneca Street)

Fifteen finalists are coming from around the world to pitch at 43North Semi-Finals in the Seneca One Tower auditorium at 9:30 am on October 19th. Of the 15, only half of them will move on to pitch at 43North Finals the following night. Get a sneak peek of which finalists will rise to the top and go on to pitch at Shea’s!

This event is FREE and open to the public. Tickets are NOT required.

These 15 finalists will pitch in the Seneca One Auditorium starting at 9:30 am

Agape Wellness – Rochester, NY
Agapé is a relationship wellness company that uses personalized questions to spark meaningful conversations. On the consumer side, its app helps couples have happier, more fulfilling relationships. And in the workplace, Agapé curates meaningful employee connection that increases satisfaction and retains talent.

AMPAworks – Santa Monica, CA
AMPAworks is a team of doctors, nurses, and engineers who have built an IoT camera using computer vision A.I. in order to have full inventory visibility in pharmacies, medical device companies, surgery centers, clinics, and hospitals. The system enables shelf-to-shelf granularity of inventory to help with demand planning and re-stocking.    

Aravenda – Vienna, VA
Aravenda leads technology innovation in the fastest growing segment of retail; Resale. Aravenda is B2B SaaS for any type of reseller, anywhere in the world.

 CAHill TECH Buffalo, NY
CAHill TECH is a SaaS tech firm providing job-readiness for tradespeople and reportable metrics for employers through CAHill’s flagship product, aQuiRe™.

Delee – Laredo, TX
Delee developed a state-of-the-art technology capable of isolating and analyzing circulating tumor cells from blood. What they have built will contribute to detecting cancer at early stages, while providing physicians with the necessary information to personalize each patient’s therapy and monitor its effectiveness throughout the course of their disease.   

MAGPIE – New York, NY
MAGPIE is a venture-backed, fintech platform that uses AI technology to improve asset/price discovery, inventory management and transaction timing & partners for sellers of collectible assets. The simple, user-friendly platform is purpose-built for highly volatile, one-of-a-kind assets to drive greater revenue and reduced operating costs.    

Lilu, – New York, NY
Lilu builds tech-enabled products to make early motherhood more comfortable and stress-free for new moms. Its first product, the Lilu Massager, is the first automated breast massage pumping bra that helps moms pump 30-55% more milk in less time, with customers calling it a “breastfeeding savior.”

M Aerospace – Austin, TX
M Aerospace is an advanced additive manufacturing technology company offering rapid prototyping and production capabilities to a wide range of industries. It specializes in Metal 3D Printing technologies and services, and provides a variety of metal materials, material combination and the ability to print large parts.  

Mod Tech Labs –  Austin, TX
MOD helps enterprise companies create universal 3D content at scale by digitizing the real world using photos. The no-code processing platform cleans, refines and enhances 3D imagery of objects, places, and people with automated AI-powered tools. Companies capture once and optimize for any digital media use.

Otrafy – Chicago, IL
Otrafy is an AI-powered SaaS supplier management platform with the ability to automate compliance and identify risks.

Phood – New York, NY
Phood integrates with universities’ card services to create a connection between students’ flex dollar accounts and the gig economy. Phood issues a virtual debit card to students which can be used to purchase goods and services from third party vendors, made possible through partnerships with Discover.

Seshie – Penn Valley, PA
Seshie makes it easy for teams to book live, virtual modern-day workshops (seshies) based on employee data and insights. Managers sign up, invite team members, send out Seshie surveys and based on data/insight get recommended workshops (seshies) to book.

Tampon Tribe – Los Angeles, CA
Organic, plastic-free period products that have created a new category of organic period care. Tampon Tribe designs sustainable and functional products for active women. Driven by success and a passion for growth and the environment, Tampon Tribe continues to thrive with a recurring-revenue, impact-driven model, positioned for rapid growth.

Twipes – London, United Kingdom
Twipes are a bio-tech materials company that have developed a material that can break down in water in three hours and biodegrade in a landfill in just seven days. Its first product has been awarded as the World’s first truly flushable, truly biodegradable wet wipes.

TYBR Health – Houston, TX
TYBR Health makes a surgical spray that protects tissues while they heal to improve outcomes after surgery. TYBR Health was formed out of the Texas Medical Center