Coming to a Parking Garage Near You

Something big happened in Buffalo this week – Energy Intelligence, one of our 2014 winners, unveiled its technology to the general public by rolling out six road-mounted systems in the Michigan Goodrich Parking Garage, a 10-story commercial facility in Downtown Buffalo.

After winning $500,000 from 43North in 2014, Energy Intelligence continued to build out and refine their technology, and aimed to generate clean energy at high-traffic locations from the motion of vehicles.


Despite being their first installation at an operating commercial site, the time spent “from opening the doors of the trailer containing the systems and supplies, to stepping back from a fully operational system,” took just 40 minutes. To founder and CEO Daniel Shani’s delight, drivers were more than willing to pass over the unfamiliar systems without hesitation. The LED panel that lights up upon the presence of a car served as an added bonus for driver-experience.

This inaugural trial allowed for 24 hours of ongoing data collection, during which time thousands of vehicles passed over the mat, and, consequently, provided energy. This is a big step for our friends over at Energy Intelligence, as they successfully showcased the ability for a series of mats to operate in tandem, the reliability and security with which mats are fastened to the road, and a form factor with generators embedded within the mats.

Post-data collection, the systems were easily removed from the parking garage in just 2 minutes and 26 seconds. Just like that, as mysteriously as they had arrived, they were gone.

Daniel tells us, “This was a very exciting milestone for the entire Energy Intelligence team. We learned a lot, and we are already working on incorporating those findings into the final commercial design.” We are excited about this, and not just for the LED lights.