Nathan Benson | WGRZ


BUFFALO, NY – Imagine a world where all of our problems could be solved on a ping pong table. Nice, right? For the tenants at the Innovation Center, table tennis is a staple of their creative workflow.

Ping Pong, according to some of the startups that call the center home, helps with problem solving, creative block and stress relief.

That’s one reason why a “Ping Pong Diplomacy” event was held Tuesday night as part of the ongoing 43North startup week festivities.

62 warriors of the table top battled in a tournament for bragging rights throughout the startup community.

But unlike battles in the United Nations, the only ramifications of this diplomacy is a bit of networking and friendship in a growing startup community.

In the video above, Daybreak’s Nate Benson immerses himself in the thick of Buffalo’s “Ping Pong Diplomacy.”